Anticipation: Artists and institutions to watch in 2007

1. They've got Authority


2. The fire of creativity


3. A new world view

4. New direction


5. Love is a Rose


6. Rhyme with a reason


7. Mottern art


8. Good things come in small packages


9. A visionary artist

Like the grand masters he's studied for 30 years, David Wells Roth paints everyday people and places in an utterly distinctive way.

Born in Sudbury, he followed his passion for the painter's craft from the streets of New York to the salons of Paris, from commissions in Boston to the Fountain Street Studios in Framingham where he's pouring his soul into new works.

Roth is a realist whose canvases shimmer with buried life. Whether depicting a Boston street scene or a Pennsylvania landscape, he captures the interplay of light and color through a subtle luminosity that renders the very ordinary with extraordinary beauty. Since returning from 15 years in France, Roth has painted historic murals for the Union Oyster House in Boston and completed a striking portrait of U.S. District Judge Richard Stearns now displayed in a Boston federal court.

An exacting craftsman with a visionary eye, Roth burnishes his scenes in rich smoldering colors.

While showing his works in Boston and his studio's annual show, Roth is an artist who deserves to be seen more.


10. Eastern influences


11. Playing it forward


 12. A company of note