Walls of Logan's Terminal C provide a way station for art


Industrial-grade sterility, ceaseless commotion, and the drone of a public address system do not a gallery make. Yet for many, those distractions diminished before the canvases of the United South End Artists that now bring life to the gray walls of Logan Airport. Abstracts and landscapes, color photographs and painted portraits compel some travelers to decelerate and linger.


``The airport is a place of extremes," said David Wells Roth , whose luminous oil paintings are the first sight for Terminal C arrivals and the last for departures. ``People are either rushing from one place to another or dealing with delays. There's often time to really look at a painting here." 

Roth, 49, who spent 15 years painting in France, chose Beacon Hill and Brighton scenes to give visitors a sense of the ease with which Boston blends old and new worlds.

Kenny Mac's greeting was less romantic. ``Rush Hour" previews with whimsy and bold color the vehicular hell of driving downtown.

``That one was inspired by the chaos of the Big Dig," said Mac, 46, who has been with USEA since its start in 1986.

``It's a challenge for any artist to be seen these days ," said Mac. ``It's great to be here."

``We call this area the walkway between Terminal B and C," said Massport's Mike Cataldo , who last year opened the airport to area arts groups. ``I know, it's not very creative. Perhaps we should call it the `Gallery at Logan.' "