Isaiah Thomas and Alexander Hamilton

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March 17th - April 15th 2019, Isaiah Thomas ExhibitionAlexander Hamilton taking place in the Cotilla Gallery in the Alvin Sherman Library of NOVA Southeastern University, Florida

  • The exhibit opens with a lecture by attorney and blogger, Adam Levinson, about Hamilton’s legal legacy on March 17 @ 2:00;
  • David Wells Roth who will be speaking about his Revolutionary War art and patriot publisher Isaiah Thomas on March 24 @ 2:00;  Click for the talk by David Wells Roth  (Please forgive the poor sound quality)
  • Professor Tim Dixon’s will discuss Hamilton: A Heroic Life on April 2 @ 7:00; and 
  • Rand Scholet from the AHA Society who will be closing out the exhibition with a talk about Hamilton: the Man vs. the Musical on April 14 @ 2:00 (singing may be heard).

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  • The Isaiah Thomas portion includes prints and posters created from paintings of Isaiah Thomas by David Wells Roth.  These paintings were commissioned by the Union Oyster House Restaurant.  
  • The Alexander Hamilton portion was curated by Adam Levinson, a history blogger and owner of the blog Statutes and Stories (  This includes rare books and original 18th century maps...